Specialist programme 2023

Energy Technology Forum

In cooperation with efa:ON

This forum provides the topics that bring netze:ON and efa:ON together.

Energy technology covers a wide range of topics, from low to high voltage, and these will be discussed at this forum. The challenges presented by the energy transition in network stability and renewables, in energy generation and its use in buildings as well will play a central role. This will be a full-on discussion.

Meeting Point: Fiber Optics (Forum)

Here, the most current topics regarding fiber optic expansion are brought to the forefront. This includes reporting on the necessary changes to successfully advance broadband expansion.

Professional Events

Fiber Optic Forum

Here, speakers from politics and business come together to discuss the opportunities and challenges of fiber optic expansion. Solutions are presented within the framework of broadband expansion.

Future Forum

Here, experts from the network engage in discussions with industrial companies, representatives from the real estate industry, and energy providers/network operators about current challenges, needs, and future trends. In addition, innovative solution offerings are presented.