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Chamber system ULTIMA Connect
A product of: FILOform GmbH
Manholes as underground nodes are indispensable in the expansion of infrastructure networks for e.g. broadband supply or e-charging infrastructure. In the past, all was put on concrete manholes only, before plastic manholes were first used 20 years ago. The FILOform ULTIMA Connect chamber system with its innovative polymer concrete material offers the best of both worlds - the stability of concrete and the weight of plastic. The modular design allows installation on site without heavy lifting equipment. Duct entries can be created where they are needed so the time-consuming alignment with existing ducts is no longer necessary. Covers made of concrete, ductile iron and recessed covers with load class D400 according to EN 124 are available. The one-fits-all system is unique on the market - all covers are interchangeable. Accessories, such as Multiduct (a heavy-duty cable protection system), round off the portfolio and further expand the application possibilities of the chamber system.


Mr. David Ertl
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