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Micro Headend OM 20
Micro Headend - Built for Hospitality
- Receive, decrypt, convert and play-out using one headend to save space and costs
- Smart multiplexing before the CI slots enables the decryption of Pay-TV with a less quantity for Smartcards and CAMs
- USB interface enables insertion of own video content
- OM Manager Android app available for smartphone and tablet access through Bluetooth
- Hotel Mode eliminates the need for TV’s to rescan channels after input modifications (OM10/OM11)

PID Remapping & Video Streaming & Central Decryption & Multiplex Functionality (For details on "PID" and "Central Decryption & Multiplex Functionality" see WISI website: https://www.wisigroup.com/explore-product-world/micro-headend)

Learn more about the Micro Headend products here: https://www.wisigroup.com/de-de/produktwelt/micro-headend

Product Catalog: https://katalog.wisi.de/programmaufbereitung/programmaufbereitung-micro-headend.html


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